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Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Busy Parents

The Elf on the Shelf tradition is a much beloved tradition around the world and this whimsical elf is keeping an eye on the children for Santa Claus. If you are a busy parent, Christmas can be an even busier time for you but there are some easy ways to have fun with the Elf on the Shelf with your children.

A simple way to include

The elf is to have a holiday themed book that you can read to the children on their bedtime. You can choose a festive story like *“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and this can be placed alongside the elf. There can be a note from the elf encouraging the children to read the book as a family. You can even add sticky notes on certain pages of the book that shows commentary by the elf to give a sense of anticipation. This is something that takes minimal effort and you can enjoy a book in a cosy corner with the children. You can also take your children’s hobbies into consideration when looking for mischief that the elf can make. You can order an elf skateboard with the elf trying to precariously trying to balance on it. There can be a toy animal like a bear or a dog trying to drag the skateboard like it is a sled. Or there can be an elf hanging on a note on the organ or piano with some sheet music on the floor.           

You can also use common household items

When creating scenes with the elf. The elf can appear in a bowl of cereal. The elf can be beside the cereal bowl and there can be a note from them saying they’ve been enjoying having breakfast with the kids. You can even have a bit of cookie crumbs leading to a nook in the pantry to see the elf trying to eat some cookies. This can be a festive start to the day. For a no fuss idea to entertain the children, the elf can be set up in a playful situation with Christmas decorations. There can be holiday ornaments around the elf or the elf can be hanging out with stuffed animals in holiday attire.

The elf can be playing with

A toy train or they can be found making a house out of holiday cards. This is a simple setup to do and you can have the children joining in as well. This can be the start of decorating the house. You can also use the elf as a messenger if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning and this can be the elf bringing a small gift to the children. This can be a holiday themed snack or a small toy. The elf can be holding it or can be stood near the wrapped toy with the note explaining that this is reward sent by Santa for the children being good. You can also have a craft station set up by the elf so that you can kick-start making some holiday cards.

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